sculpture by Meghan Strell & Charlie Levin


About Local Infinities


Local Infinities Visual Theater, is a Not-for-Profit, Chicago based theater company dedicated to creating original performance work that fuses the innovation & daring of performance art with the narrative thrust of traditional theatrical forms. Our desire is to speak in visual metaphor across barriers of language and culture, to explore social & gender dynamics, to redefine worn archetype, to communicate with our audience the joy of discovery and to share the laughter of understanding. Hallmark of Local Infinities’ work is an intense exploration of an elemental material such as wax or water or earth or salt. Our modus operandi is the transformation of this inert material into human metaphor. Waxing and Waning, Still Water that Runs Deep, Mother Earth, the Salt of Life: Local Infinities puts all of this on stage. Really.

Local Infinities believes in a process of investigation and invention that is highly collaborative, involving performer, designer, writer and director alike in the creation of the whole performance. As a producing organization we understand that a long and dedicated process of discovery yields work of true depth. To that end, we initiate our projects as short theatrical investigations, which ultimately evolve into polished, transportable and remountable productions.


Currently, Local Infinities is touring Corpus Delicti: Just Desserts to anatomical and operating theaters around the country. Our dream is to perform in antique operating theaters wherever they remain. We have been invited to perform at the Waag in Amsterdam where Rembrandt immortalized Dr. Tulp in his famous painting “The anatomy lesson of Dr. Tulp”. We have also been invited to perform in the restored anatomical theater at Uppsala University in Sweden.

The Chicago Tribune sated, “Local Infinites likes to specialize in shows themed around inanimate objects -- water, dirt and so on. Since the theater typically is interested only in inter-human interaction, this gives this talented group an interesting and original niche and the capability to make a viewer think in strikingly different aesthetic terms."

Full-length productions include: Corpus Delicti: Just Desserts (2007-2005); Mother Earth at DePaul University (2004); Lot’s Wife at the PAC/Edge Festival (2004); Wax & Wayne which enjoyed sold out runs at Knox College (2003), the Chicago’s National Pastime Theater (2002-03), the PAC/Edge Festival (2003), the New York International Festival (2003), and Netherland’s Oerol Festival (2002); Space Between Two (2001) at the Kiev Travnevy Festival in Ukraine, and The Queen’s Project (1989).

Local Infinities has toured nationally and internationally, gaining recognition at the New York International Fringe Festival (2003) with an Excellence Award for “Unique Theatrical Experience,” premiering new work at the Netherlands’ Oerol Festival (2002), and representing the United States at Kiev Travnevy Theater Festival of Ukraine (2001).

Local Infinities has curated a number of month-long festivals of visual theater at Links Hall namely, Infinitesimals: A Brief Look at the Immeasurable (2005), The Space Between Two (2001), and Daughters of Memory (2000). Each of these festivals generated seed ideas for full-length productions.

In the company’s 11 years, Local Infinities has collaborated with over 50 artists and always seeks to connect collaborators of diverse media and skill sets. Dedicated to cultural exchange, Local Infinities has been host to many visiting international artists. We are consciously engaged in fostering friendships and conversations that cross cultural boundaries. Part of our mission as a company is to carry the flag of Chicago’s extraordinary performance community wherever we go, connecting artists and people and ideas.

Local Infinities was co-founded in 1996 by Meghan Strell and Charlie Levin, out of a desire to create a dialogue between the visual and theatrical arts. The Chicago Reader described an early piece as “...a melding of sharp-edged performance art and grand theatrical traditions” and the Chicago Sun-Times described it as “Intellectually satisfying...surprising, strange, abstract grace.” Strong audience support, the efforts of collaborating artists, and consistent funding enabled these two artists to establish the company. Local Infinities incorporated as a non-profit in 2001. Currently, Meghan Strell is the Artistic Director; Larry Underwood conceived Corpus Delicti: and John Musial is the Executive Director. Tom Carr, Christine Mary Dunford, Norm Lieska, Tony Macaluso, John Musial, and Meghan Strell serve on the Board of Directors.

Images and information about past productions can be found on our website, www.localinfinites.com.


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