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WAX & WAYNE at FringeNYC

"Just when you think the Fringe has run out of new ideas, something surprises you... The strikingly beautiful images in Wax & Wayne often defy expectations... It’s like a Twilight Zone episode set in Madame Tussaud’s museum.

The ingenuity with which Strell and Underwood utilize wax would be enough to make a brilliant piece, but these Chicago performers also craft a riveting narrative that brings to mind influences as diverse as Strindberg, Pygmalion and Frankenstein.

Special credit must go to Tom Howe, who provides the evening’s creepy soundtrack.... His orchestra of everyday objects makes the clangers in Stomp sound like mere noisemakers.”
by Jason Zinoman [ Time Out New York ]

“What's most intriguing about Wax & Wayne, surprisingly, is not (its) coup de théeâtre, but what happens between the bookends, a thoughtful reflection on the nature of art... One of those rare experiences that won't be coming to a theater near you anytime soon. So, yes, go see it. (This is not a simulation, and exactly why he doesn't end up in the emergency room is not explained)”
by Les Gutman [ Curtain Up ] 8/25/2003

“Grandly comic, surprisingly touching, and always fascinating performance piece... Not-to-be-missed...With balding pate, flowery mustache and thick glasses, Underwood is a superb comedian with impeccable timing... Meghan Strell demonstrates remarkable physical prowess as she moves the fingers in her right hand while every other muscle seems to remain molded from paraffin. As layers of wax and starched fabric fall away from the performer, one is amazed by the expressiveness in the face of the Renaissance beauty.”
by Andy Propst [ American Theater Web ] 8/16/2003

Wax & Wayne, one of the most peculiar offerings at this year's New York International Fringe Festival.
by Robert Simonson [ Playbill ] 8/14/2003

The pleasures of watching a man submerged in a vat of hot wax are many.
by Rinne Groff [ The New York Sun ]

“Performance art at its best — new and exciting and not a lick of pretension anywhere in sight... Wax and Wayne are Meghan Strell and Larry Underwood and they are incredible... Catch this one while you can.”
by Robin Reed [ NewYorkTheater.com ] 8/17/2003

“but we [fringeNYC] also do avant-garde, pushing-the-envelope, downtown kind of work." One project of that type is Wax & Wayne, by the Chicago-based Local Infinities Visual Theater.
by Dan Bacalzo [ TheaterMania ]

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